Corporate Security

The emphasis on corporate security service is the prevention of workplace
violence, theft, and vandalism.

High Class Security provides and manages guard and protective services, (as required) to private enterprises throughout the State of Florida. We follow an incremental and systematic process such as: risk analyses, mitigation planning, crisis management, incident response, consequence management support and surveillance systems and technical integration.

With this process, High-Class Security will then be able to:

Implement and maintain effective, company-wide pre- and post employment background screening, State Motor Vehicle records and drug screening programs. Ensure safe and secure work environment for all employees, Corporate Security protects company facilities, physical and intellectual property through a process of managing and mitigating security risks. Develop and maintain security-related policies, procedures, standards and guidelines to assist company decision makers in improving protections and reducing potential security threats. Provide an effective process for reporting security incidents and violations and for conducting timely investigation of complaints; and establish and maintain emergency response and emergency command center plans and operation functions.

  • Risk and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Stalking and Threat Assessments
  • Safe Room and Security Cores – Design, Construction and Maintenance.