Why Ex-Military Make The Best Security Guards

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Let’s be honest. Although mass shootings and other terror-filled attacks are rare, most of us feel a bit nervous at big public venues nowadays. Concert security is important, as we saw with events like the 2017 bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. Consider the 2018 shooting at the Madden tournament in Florida or the Pulse nightclub shooting. Although we don’t give up on occupying our public spaces, we need good security services to feel safe. One solution? Prioritize ex-military members as special event security.

Security guard services is actually a top industry for former Armed Forces personnel to enter after leaving the military. Here’s why they’re perfect for it.

Background checks in the military are extensive.

While you’d like to hope you can trust a uniformed guard, in reality, they may be as suspicious as anyone else in a crowd. Ex-service members, or at least 90% of them, had to go through intense background checks for security clearance in the military. Those records should still be available. Of course, any good professional security services would double-check and run their own background checks.

Military training makes for courteous, alert security personnel.

Training in the service aims to create disciplined soldiers who are alert at all times and know when to act quickly. In a crowded venue, special event security needs to be able to keep awareness of the goings-on around them despite the high levels of audio and visual stimulation. There’s nobody better than a trained soldier when it comes to making quick judgments and quicker actions if a threat arises.

They know when to use deadly force and when not to.

Soldiers often point out that even in dangerous warzones they’re encouraged to cautiously warn first and shoot to kill last. No soldier is going to stand there idly and be shot by a malicious person or people in the venue, but they’re not going to jump the gun and accidentally harm an innocent, either.

Veterans need stable reliable jobs.

Unfortunately, veteran care in the U.S. is sometimes lacking. Many returning men and women can fall through the cracks of society, struggling to get a stable job or even keep a home. Reliable, familiar jobs like special event security can give the most desperate of veterans a chance at supporting themselves with dignity.

Are you convinced? We’re not sure there is a bad reason to not hire ex-military for security.

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